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Cryptum ICO is now Live - with bonuses!

The Cryptum token sale is now live, and you may want to rush your decision a bit in on order to get the 16% bonus we are paying in the first 24 hours. Of course, if you miss the opportunity, there will be another 4 days with 8% bonus, and then final 2 days with 4% bonus, but

Imperia Online pledges support for the Cryptum ICO Project

Imperia Online will support the Cryptum project with in-house software developers and artists Sofia, September 14, 2017 – Cryptum ICO (launching September 16) announces that the project just gained great recognition by the game development company Imperia Online, which

Cryptum Shared Profits Explained (Updated)

By Nikolai Tsekov, Anton Belev, Grigor Stoichkov We mentioned "shared profit" such a number of times that it's starting to hurt your eyes, yet the numbers are a bit elusive, aren't they? 20% here, 40% there, 50% elsewhere, but what about some real projections? To be ho

Cryptum ICO Stage I Sale bounties campaign

Time to make it worth for some of the more active members of the ICO community! In the following days we are releasing some small bounties. Some are not really the typical ones, some require a simple follow on Twitter. You will find them all in our Twitter and Facebook pages

When in China, act like Chinese

We know it's been a weird day after reading the news from China. How could they do this? Outrage! No way! ICOs shutting down! Well, we live in interesting times (pun intended), ad there is going to be lot more pressure from authorities. But, after all, we design, develop and

Our upcoming cyberpunk game to be renamed

The subconscious decisions sometimes make bad jokes with us. Last week we placed a codename to our upcoming cyberpunk adventure game - 2077: A World Without Borders. We wanted something different, but we know CD Project copyrighted the title "Cyberpunk", and we would risk la

Cryptum ICO announces strategical CRTM token changes

Cryptum is announcing a change in the total number of tokens, investor bonuses and a limited set of bounties Sofia, August 30, 2017 - After careful consideration, the team behind Cryptum ICO decided to change the Stage I Cryptum sale from Unlimited to pregenerated maxim

News! Token tiers lowered!

From Nikolai Tsekov, Project Manager Yesterday a reddit user brought up a few questions that I feel I need to address personally. Looking at the board games project from the distance of a person that doesn't invest in ICOs - for example when you only want just the board gam

Cryptum ICO announces “Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game”

Free access to the first ever high-end “mining” strategy game with the new crowdfunding token sale by Cryptum Sofia, August 15, 2017 – Cryptum ICO (launching September 16) announces it is funding the first strategy board game set in the world of cryptocurrencies and

Cryptum Roadmap

IMPORTANT: Cryptum Stage II Changes – from 1.1 million to 150 000 CRTM, mining project cancelled! Note that this roadmap is now missing few important changes. We are cancelling the mining project (in short, we couldn't reach the target sales to include it), and we will lo

How does “free access” work for our projects?

This is a description of the process of "claiming" free access to board games, Cryptumcoins and shared profits. It's simple and requires a minimum of data submission through our website. We are sound believers in the privacy of the transactions and we hold to anti-regulation

Primewarp: Genesis Board Game

This is a project that enters the Cryptum Network with most of the work in it already done. There are quite a few things that need to be done before we say it's finished and ready for a Kickstarter campaign, but the essential job: rules base, art concepts and card art pieces


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