Godforge: The First War

Godforge: The First War

Godforge: The First War is a game that we simply always wanted to create. It’s a dream come true for many designers and gamers, but the sheer size of the project, requiring over $250 000 to $300 000 invested in art alone, and the volume of the data that has to be processed in order to make it happen, is staggering for a card game.

Godforge is a game of the “Magic-in-a-box” type, following the 30 years of success of Magic: The Gathering, but also other famous Trading Card Games. Through the years, many designers made attempts to create a game that reassembled the quality of the trading card games in a single board game, often adding expansions later, but there has never been an attempt of such scale, and there is clearly a huge market for it, as there are plenty of players that don’t like the continuous investment that comes attached with the collectible card games.

Early logo concept

Instead of using the Fantasy Flight Games model of releasing a constant supply of expansions after starting with a very limited set (also known as “Living Card Game”) which works rather well in the early life of the games, but has some problems attracting new players in the long run, we want to create a game that has nearly eternal value, modeled on the base of some well known card games, but set in its own world and offering unique mechanics.

The game draws heavy inspiration from the worlds and the games of Magic: The Gathering, WoW TCG, Malazan books, Dune, and many other books, games and moies. After some brainstorming and trusting our own guts we are aiming at 750-800 unique cards, basically offering a game with over 2200 cards total. Godforge: The First War is in very early design stage, we are still through the data collection. This is the last game we would attempt to release if the Cryptum project is not properly funded, as it requires much higher initial funding.

Expected revenue and profit: Godforge is clearly a $1 million + game, but it would require tremendous effort to create and manufacture it. In fact, this is one of the biggest game ever published, and we have high hopes turning it into one of the most funded games in the Kickstarter history. Still, we cannot allow ourselves to expect too much at this stage, so with a 40% shared profits we can estimate $140-$240 000 in shared profits.

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