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Cryptum ICO Stage II Sale

Cryptum ICO Stage II Sale



BONUSES: 17 October (UTC): 10%, 18-25 October (UTC): 5%

FUNDS RAISED: $1849.35 (0.19646729 BTC, 2.37975 ETH). STAGE II CRTM FOR SALE:129253.15 CRTM
(ENDED) STAGE I FUNDS RAISED: $135805 (15.13 BTC, 148.36 ETH). STAGE I CRTM SOLD: 19776 CRTM


You can participate in the Stage II of the Cryptum ICO by purchasing CRTM tokens using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, BitcoinCash, DASH, Litecoin or Zcash (please scroll down for a table with addresses). In order to store Cryptum Tokens, you need one of these wallets: MyEtherWallet (no download needed,) MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon), Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop), imToken (iPhone), imToken (Android).

We strongly recommend using MyEtherWallet.com to store your tokens. If you don’t have BTC or ETH, we recommend buying some at Coinbase – as it offers fair security and you can buy both ETH and BTC with a credit card after very simple and fast verification process. This is not the only similar service, but it has proven record of being user friendly.

  • After you send us any type of payment (could be from you wallet of exchange) payment, fill in this form with an address for your tokens.
  • Please provide an address from MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask or Parity to receive the tokens. Exchange addresses do not support tokens.
  • Then head to your wallet and add the CRTM token (in MyEtherWallet this is done in View Wallet Info page > Token Balances > Add Custom Token).
  • Fill in the contract address: 0xD4aE13a0A0b4BB3062839230b1925d66f6DD03eb, symbol = CRTM, decimals 18.
  • Keep in mind that if you decide to move your tokens one day, you will need some very small amount of ETH in the same wallet (0.01).

Minimum amount price is for 10 CRTM.


10 CRTM = 0.01350 BTC (Stage II sale price)

It is mandatory to fill in this form after you send us a transfer, otherwise we would not know your ETH address and be able to send tokens!
If you pay with BTC, your CRTM will be sent on waves every week.

Lower than minimum amounts will not receive CRTM.


10 CRTM = 0.22689 ETH (Stage II sale price)

You can send ETH from anywhere, but you need to give us Token-compatible address from wallets like MyEtherWallet, Mist or Parity. DO NOT use receiving address from exchanges as they do not support tokens!
Fill in this form after you send us a transfer.

Currency Rate Address to send payment to
BTC 0.00135 3GUGAFQ5ixo3QqPqprLxkVKYZphFg7CvST 0.01350
ETH 0.02647 0x9a10fF4cAAAca1033Cf72CaFce0DFFad9Eab9F3D 0.26471
ETC 0.71053 0xdc9e30770a55f7ec962e3d495d4b8b45f5395dbf 7.10526
BCH 0.02464 1J3uc5sYjno3Zqin36RtqEmwKyJqvfXNRP 0.24635
DASH 0.02766 XiZZPp96Dt2LuRE2ZsEWVfreJspu4RoNNP 0.27664
ZEC 0.03571 t1YBu8JDig2j7j783tNqREmawo6J2MPP8w5 0.35714
LTC 0.133 LLM8TZT9fFTC7XMacUd914xiBZpeShQsCN 1.33005

All rates are based on a price of 0.00135 BTC/CRTM. Due to volatile nature of the market, it is possible that we change them. All conversions include error margin. Prices may vary during this ICO stage. Note that you must fill out this form after you pay so we would know where to send your CRTM tokens!


Cryptumcoin distribution

CRTMsold1 CRYC per CRTM2 TOPx Bonus3 Additional Marketing4
19.8-50.5k 10.00-11.11 CRYC/CRTM 11.8k-33.6k =(200k-Bonus)
50.5K-100.5k 11.11-12.93 CRYC/CRTM 33.6k-77.9k =(200k-Bonus)
100.5k-156.1k 12.93-14.95 CRYC/CRTM 77.9k-140.1k =(200k-Bonus)

1 Example categories starting from the current distribution of 19 776 CRTM and up to theoretical maximum of 156 118 CRTM incl. bonuses

2 Current CRYC/CRTM Rate (CRYCrate) = 10+(CRTMsold – CRTMstage1) / 27500). After the coin launch, token owners will have 30 to 45 days to claim their Cryptumcoins on our website. Please follow our social accounts on top of the page to avoid missing the deadline. Distribution will be done in waves on a first come, first served basis.

3 After launching the Cryptumcoin, and after the claims period is over, we will distribute an additional bonus amount of CRYC (Bonustotal = CRTMsold * CRYCrate * 0.06) to the top contributors based on the following formula: Bonustop = BonusTotal / TOPx where the number of TOP contributors is TOPx = (CRTMsold – CRTMstage1) / 250 if < of the total number of contributors, or else the number of contributors.

4 As we would try to list the Cryptumcoin on as many quality exchanges as possible instead of relying on voted listing, and considering the prices for listing a coin lately (3-5 BTC on some exchanges), we’ll need an extended marketing support. The formula here is: Marketing Budget = 200 000 – CRYCbonus.

In any case that doesn’t allow us to use anything but integers, we will be rounding in a way that leaves the difference in our wallet. Unclaimed amounts of Cryptumcoin will be considered forfeit.


Basic Cryptum Tokens Information (UPDATED 15.10.2017):

Token information Cryptum (CRTM)
Stage I sale 16 Sept – 16 Oct 2017
Stage I sale amount 19 776 CRTM
Stage I sale currency ETH, BTC
Stage I sale prices 0.02 ETH/CRTM, 0.00135 BTC/CRTM
Stage II sale 17 Oct – 17 Nov 2017
Stage II sale amount 129 520
Stage II sale currency ETH, ETC, BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC, DASH
Stage II sale prices Based on 0.00135 BTC, min. 25 CRTM
Distribution 17 Oct / 17 Nov


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