Cryptum ICO - games news, plan changes, Cryptumcoin

Cryptum ICO - games news, plan changes, Cryptumcoin

We just passed $110000 raised in ETH and BTC, and that cracks open a new possibility - to work on few games at once. We are in for another change of plan, and here it is.


Blockchain crypto mining game

As we are still unable to establish a contact with most of the big exchanges, we will proceed into the Blockchain crypto mining game development using only those that reply before the end of the Stage I sale, and agree to our conditions and supply us with high-res logo, slogan and permission to include them in the game. While the currencies information we use in the game is not a subject of copyrights, the exchanges logos, names and slogans are owned by the respective companies, and we cannot use them without permission, taking legal risks. But we are free to mock their lack of support and appreciation for our work, so you can expect some close representation of the “unofficial” versions. The game will enter active development the moment Stage I of the ICO is over, so if you have any way reaching the TOP10 exchanges, please remind them they still have few days to reply!

Because of the low Cryptum ICO sales, you can expect very high returns even from the Blockchain game - 20% of any profits after the Kickstarter campaign and future wholesale and retail deals. For example, if we raise $250 000 in KS (which requires only 4167 backers), and assume 30% off the KS price cost (remember, we will not include development in the formula, you’ve already paid for it), taxes and shipping fees, 20% shared profit for the first game means around $25-30000+ just from Kickstarter from the game we expect least profitability.

Of course, we hope for more, but even if we only get this far, it means 1/4 of the cost of CRTM we sold so far! Just from the first game!


Primewarp: Genesis

The Primewarp + expansion characters. Click for a higher resolution image. Some characters will be unlocked during the Kickcstarter campaign

We will push the game to Kickstarter much sooner! In fact, Francesco Orrù is working on the final 3D models even now. With nothing much to do on it, we will hand it to the 2D designer and proceed to testing and requesting a quote from a manufacturer. With 40% shared profits this game will probably pay for the rest of the CRTM tokens cost by itself. But let’s ignore it, we don’t want o set our hopes too high, and give a small surprise!


Godforge: The First War

Godforge is already in active development! We found a gifted artist and commissioned the art, and the backstory draft went through its first edit (you will see it in few days!). Rulebook is already taking shape (we decided to try a new approach with this game to see if we can pull out the final rules draft much sooner), even if we are far from having a full ruleset. There are high chances we will be able to get it to Kickcstarter in 2018 instead of 2019, and you can expect a massive campaign and 40% shared profits from it. Raising a million during the campaigns means we can distribute as much as $300 000 as claimable profits! Nearly three times the current cost of sold Cryptum Tokens!



We are actively working on the Cryptumcoin. While we still cannot share anything about the algorithm, block size, max supply, etc., we decided to go for very low pre-mine based on the max number of CRTM tokens, and make a Pre-announcement of the development with the start of Stage II of the Cryptum ICO, so more people would be able to jump on board the ICO and get early Cryptumcoins. Some other great news - we will list the coin together with the launch, so you will be able to trade your coins right away! Considering how much interest we expect from miners, the coin is taking a great shape and we hope it will quickly become one of the top50 most traded altcoins.


Cryptum ICO

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