Our upcoming cyberpunk game to be renamed

Our upcoming cyberpunk game to be renamed

The subconscious decisions sometimes make bad jokes with us. Last week we placed a codename to our upcoming cyberpunk adventure game - 2077: A World Without Borders. We wanted something different, but we know CD Project copyrighted the title “Cyberpunk”, and we would risk lawsuit if we used it in some ways. So we had to choose something else - and because of the logo design we picked “2077”. It looks so cool in typical cyberpunk neon.

Turns out CD Project upcoming PC game is called “Cyberpunk 2077”. And we knew that, it just slipped somewhere. So we are off to another change of names, and our game gets the work in progress title C22: A World Without Borders, and we will set it in the same world as Primewarp: Genesis. We will share some more details about it when the time is right.

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