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ICO Tiers

ICO Tiers

Investing just in the Blockchain game required number (25 CRTM) isn’t that wise from the perspective of a board gamer. Investing in more tokens gives you access to more games. Our recommended levels changed and are now 65 and 100. You can still buy 25 for the base game and 35 for the base game AND its expansions, but you should really consider buying more:

  • 25 tokens are the initial price. You will get your base Blockchain game with free shipping, some coins, some small profits, sell the tokens and coins for profit and be done with it. If you just want the board game – wait for the Kickstarter and get it there.
  • 35 tokens are a good start. You will get the base Blockchain game and 4 expansions with free shipping, some coins, some small profits, sell the tokens for profit and be done with it. Again, if you want just the games, it might be wiser to get them at Kickstarter. But it’s pretty close amount if you consider the shipping costs and the prices of the base game and the expansions.
  • 65 tokens will give you access to the Blockchain board game and its 4 expansions, Primewarp: Genesis + expansion, and two more untitled games – all with free shipping, as well as whatever comes from the shared profits and the Cryptumcoin. Consider for a moment you would want these from Kickstarter campaigns – they will cost you their base cost plus shipping, so the amount would be higher not even counting any token perks and the token price.
  • 100 tokens will give you access and free shipping for any game we ever publish. It’s self-funding business so we can promise that. And then all the token features which I’m not going to repeat. And the tones cost, if you ever require to just dump them and ignore us for the rest of your life 🙂
  • Investing more – you will receive all the perks of the above Tier. We will announce a nice bonus system for larger investments in Cryptum before the sale start.


You will need some small amounts of ETH if you plan to move the tokens or for claims verification. It doesn’t hurt, you will probably get them back from profit claims! Amounts are updated based on teh BTC value, you can check the ETH/BTC rate and the minimum amounts in differet altcoins on the ICO page.

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