Primewarp: Genesis Board Game

Primewarp: Genesis Board Game

This is a project that enters the Cryptum Network with most of the work in it already done. There are quite a few things that need to be done before we say it’s finished and ready for a Kickstarter campaign, but the essential job: rules base, art concepts and card art pieces, and many of the 3D models are already done. You can check the game current status at Cute Lizard’s Facebook page. Primewarp is a unique game that puts 2 to 4 players in a PvP/PvE fight over two huge labyrinth-like maps (with a twist that you just can’t guess), but the KS campaign will probably add solo and pure coop modes, as well as full-featured campaign for all game modes.

The project changed as it entered the Cryptum Network and will be published as Primewarp: Genesis core game and a separate Primewarp: Blades and Fire Expansion, which adds another player (so it would probably end as 1-5 player game), new playable characters, NPC and much more. The expansion will be part of the KS campaign.

In regards to the Cryptum Project, this is going to be our second or third base game after the first “Blockchain” cryptocurrency board game.

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