Cryptum Roadmap

Cryptum Roadmap

IMPORTANT: Cryptum Stage II Changes – from 1.1 million to 150 000 CRTM, mining project cancelled!

Note that this roadmap is now missing few important changes. We are cancelling the mining project (in short, we couldn’t reach the target sales to include it), and we will lower the amount of CRTM sold substantially for the Stage II Sale. Another important change is the Cryptumcoin development. We will be distributing higher amounts of and promote the ICO as coin-centric in Stage II (the tokens will still keep their original features regarding board games and their profits).

It’s nearly impossible to create easily presentable roadmap for the Cryptum projects. We have at least 4 separate timelines, with intersections and we won’t even include smaller projects we work on.

In the board games business a month or two delay is not even considered happening, as most board games are manufactured in China, there are many steps in the quality assurance, and, since they take up quite a lot of volume once packed, games are shipped by a sea transportation to a few major hubs in US, Europe and Australia. All in all - publishing board games is hardly an exact science and, except if someone is in a hurry for the next Essen Spiel of Gen Con, there is rarely a rush. Of course we will try to follow some general timeline and be present at each of the Essen Spiel shows in order to promote our games.

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