This is a short list of our partners and their field of expertise:

  • BoardGames.BG, one of the top Bulgarian brick&mortar and online shops and gathering place for many of the players in the country. BoardGames.BG members will work on the Cryptum board games project and they are the core designers of our games;
  •, the company named after the oldest Bulgarian IT community was founded by the community core team, and they still manage the same forum board even today. HardwareBG LTD is the most experienced company in Bulgaria regarding mining hardware supply and management, and already has developed few large projects.Because of their extensive experience in the field, the company will be responsible for the mining project management;
  • Crypto Mining Blog, one of the leading mining news websites. We are partnering with CMB for the Blockchain board game and the Cryptumcoin development . Considering their extensive experience, and that we needed a helping hand that would lead both the Blockchain board game and the new cryptocurrency to greatness, the CMB was a great choice for us.
  • Imperia Online, one of the top game development companies in Bulgaria (and Central Europe as a whole) and a bearer of multiple prestigious awards, including from Forbes and European Business Awards. Imperia Online is a 160+ employees top-rated company serving 35 millions of players, and the company pledged support for our project with their software development staff and their artists.

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