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The long awaited update vol.1

23/07/2018, Nikolai Okay, I know, this is outrageous. We’ve been quite for half a year and there was not a single update on the project status. The problem is that there is no “we” for nearly anything you may think of, and right now I’m the one man army behind a project plagued by all […]

Cryptum Tokens are now traded at the exchange

The Cryptum Tokens (CRTM) have been added to the TOKEN.STORE exchange! Now you buy tokens directly from the exchange or offer your tokens up for sale. The is ERC-20 token exchange that allows you to buy or sell any Ethereum-based tokens listed there much as with any other exchange. For bitcoin-based tokens, you can choose the news spy trading bot. Also, check the erfahrungen mit the news spy blog to know the users' experiences with the news spy. You need to create an […]

Cryptum ICO Stage II Sale - Project Update

Cryptum ICO Stage II starts on October 17: Cryptum ICO Stage II sale is your last chance to take part in our multi-project ICO (check our this article and our Whitepaper for more information) with the following features: Cryptum Board Games: the Cryptum ICO main goal is funding a board games publishing studio. There are ongoing plans to raise funds in cryptocurrency as well. There are numerous crypto exchanges and trading bots available to buy and sell cryptocurrency securely. Bitcoin up is one such auto trading system that makes it easier for investors to invest in Bitcoin. Before starting the trade, read the full review here. We will […]

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