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    ERC-20 tokens for access to free board games, 20-50% share of our profits and initial amount of coins

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Why Cryptum?

It's a great multi-project ICO backed by real business

Cryptum tokens are backed by real world products, 30% mining farm investment, and initial amounts of our upcoming cryptocurrency. But most of all - you get optional share of all projects profits, and bonus free games.

It's innovative. Like in "nobody ever tried that".

Traditionally most ICOs are tied to either hype or huge successes, otherwise they lose value and become object of trade speculation only. We are backing our tokens with interlinked projects in order to guarantee it's profitability. You will get back more than the token cost. Then you can still sell it.

Mixes long term investment with fast returns

Our board games business will pick up slowly, so we needed something to start dripping precious ETH back to the token owners sooner. A mining farm will serve both as a long term sustainable source of income for us, and fast returns source for the token owners.

Cryptum blog

Latest news and announcements:

Why board games? What kind of market is that?

Starting an ICO about board games (well, not only, but people read only so far) was bound to raise the question why are we seeking funding in the crypto world, instead of using the market we already have. And we believe that deserves an answer, and a honest one: Because it’s a competitive market dominated […]

Developing the crypto mining board game – make sure your favorite coin is included!

Someone at Bitcointalk asked us how far we are with the Blockchain: The Cryptcurrency Board Game development. It’s a great question, as somehow we haven’t thought of sharing more info, and there is a matter that would require public opinion anyway, so we decided to give you a status about the game. More information about […]

It’s all personal – and that matters

From: Nikolai Tsekov I keep feeling that trying to sound official when it comes to our business instead of switching to more informal language is becoming more or less a barrier to understanding our ICO. I mean… it’s a personal thing for us. And anyone that pays his precious ETH or BTC is clearly becoming […]

Project goals

Cryptum main goals in short:

Cryptum board games

Cryptum Tokens are funding an expanding board games product line and also serve as a subscription for free worldwide access for the board games we produce, shared profits and more.

Great value

Cryptum Tokens offer unprecedented value even outside the exchanges. We achieved it by backing the tokens with real products and paying (optionally) 20-50% of our projects total profits.

Profitable projects

We are creating a network of projects adding an inherent value of Cryptum tokens. From board games and mining venture, to a new cryptocoin, and much more, all to guarantee its success.

Cryptum Projects

Our network of interlinked projects

The Cryptum Board Game Line

Cryptum is funding our board game line of products while token owners gain free access to one or more of our games.

The Cryptum Coin Project

We are launching a CPU/GPU-mineable cryptocurrency with some great features. Every Cryptum token owner will also receive free coins.

The Cryptum Mining Project

We will invest in a mining farm as a long term funding source and offer up to 50% from its profit to token owners in the first 2 years.

Future Cryptum projects

There will be plenty more side-projects under the Cryptum umbrella. We will announce them whenever we are ready.

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