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The long awaited update vol.1

23/07/2018, Nikolai Okay, I know, this is outrageous. We've been quite for half a year and there was not a single update on the project status. The problem is that there is no "we" for nearly anything you may think of, and right now I'm the one man army behind a project p

Cryptum Tokens are now traded at the exchange

The Cryptum Tokens (CRTM) have been added to the TOKEN.STORE exchange! Now you buy tokens directly from the exchange or offer your tokens up for sale. The is ERC-20 token exchange that allows you to buy or sell any Ethereum-based tokens listed there much as with

Cryptum ICO Stage II Sale - Project Update

Cryptum ICO Stage II starts on October 17: Cryptum ICO Stage II sale is your last chance to take part in our multi-project ICO (check our this article and our Whitepaper for more information) with the following features: Cryptum Board Games: the Cryptum ICO main go

The Armada Collective DDoS Threats - don’t bother

We got another of those mindless letters explaining we will get DDoSed if we don't pay some BTC to a group calling themselves "The Armada Collective". Here is it: FORWARD THIS MAIL TO WHOEVER IS IMPORTANT IN YOUR COMPANY AND CAN MAKE DECISION! We are Armada Collective.

Cryptum ICO - games news, plan changes, Cryptumcoin

We just passed $110000 raised in ETH and BTC, and that cracks open a new possibility - to work on few games at once. We are in for another change of plan, and here it is.   Blockchain crypto mining game As we are still unable to establish a contact with most of the

Cryptum ICO secures the future of the crypto mining board game “Blockchain”

Let's face it - our ICO was not among the top September picks, and it's about funding something that probably nobody ever thought of funding with ICO - a board games studio. So things were going slow, and we were starting to worry that our initial plans would have to be chan

The “I can help you promoting your ICO” madness

Hey There! My name's Someone, I run one of the biggest channels on YouTube (over 2M subscribers) Let's-call-it-best-ICOs, and I have a cryptocurrency channel. As you know already, nothing is better than word of mouth, when it comes

ShapeShift will appear in the Blockchain crypto mining board game

If you followed the information about our crypto mining board game - one of the games we are funding with the Cyptum ICO, you probably know that we will be releasing an expansion called "Exchanges" that would offer expanded gameplay and more exchange mechanics. But we also w

The Blockchain board game will include metal BTC and ETH

If you have followed the information about our new cryptomining board game, you'd know the two main currencies the players are collecting are Bitcoin and Ethereum. We decided that we may add real metal coins to the game instead of the typical paper tokens. One quick order to

Why board games? What kind of market is that?

Starting an ICO about board games (well, not only, but people read only so far) was bound to raise the question why are we seeking funding in the crypto world, instead of using the market we already have. And we believe that deserves an answer, and a honest one: Because it'

Developing the crypto mining board game - make sure your favorite coin is included!

Someone at Bitcointalk asked us how far we are with the Blockchain: The Cryptcurrency Board Game development. It's a great question, as somehow we haven't thought of sharing more info, and there is a matter that would require public opinion anyway, so we decided to give you

It’s all personal - and that matters

From: Nikolai Tsekov I keep feeling that trying to sound official when it comes to our business instead of switching to more informal language is becoming more or less a barrier to understanding our ICO. I mean... it's a personal thing for us. And anyone that pays his preci


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