C22: A World Without Borders

C22: A World Without Borders

C22: A World Without Borders was initially named differently, but we had to rename the project due to copyright issues. This game is basically “an idea on paper”, and we haven’t done any work on it.

C22 is a cyberpunk game set at the beginning of the next century, and will offer the players a cyberpunk noir adventure with deep and engaging story. It will offer cooperative mode that somehow strays from the typical implementation, instead trying to create a separate, unique experience for each of the players, with game goals appearing on the road to the end game, similarly to how multi-ending computer games work.

Expected revenue and profit: Because of the somehow high-style and specific setting, we do not expect this to be mass market game, Raising $250-$350 000 in Kickstarter is possible depending on the game components and art, so we will consider carefully marketing the game as part of the Primewarp universe and try to pull out as much profit as from the Blockchain board game, even with higher initial investment.

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