Cryptum ICO announces strategical CRTM token changes

Cryptum ICO announces strategical CRTM token changes

Cryptum is announcing a change in the total number of tokens, investor bonuses and a limited set of bounties

Sofia, August 30, 2017 - After careful consideration, the team behind Cryptum ICO decided to change the Stage I Cryptum sale from Unlimited to pregenerated maximum number of tokens, limiting the total number of available tokens to 1.102 million, with 500 CRTM reserved for small social bounties,  1500 CRTM for long term investors bonuses and and 100 000 CRTM reserved for the Stage II (Altcoins) sale that will take place between October 17 and November 17 2017.

This transition would limit the number of tokens during the initial sale to exactly 1,000,000, with 100% of them available to investors at a price of 0.02 ETH per token or 0.0135 BTC for 10 tokens. All unsold tokens from Stage I will be available together with the 100 000 reserved tokens during the Stage II sale between 17 October and 10 November at a higher price, and any remaining tokens at the end of this period will be destroyed.

The change was proposed by potential investors and is based on the needs of the projects. It aims at limiting the possibility of market manipulation and strengthening the future price of Cryptum tokens, but more importantly - it serves the profit strategy of the Cryptum project.

“While Cryptum is funding a whole network of projects an we haven’t even announced all of them, the two main Cryptum projects are board games publishing and midscale mining venture, and the potential of overshooting the funding goal creates a situation where we might not be able to share enough absolute profits with our token owners - which is one of the Cryptum paramount goals”, explains Nikolai Tsekov, Cryptum project manager. “The board games business does not scale proportionally to investment. The profits from the project will be mostly the same regardless of the number of tokens we sell, and we will just have to split them between more people. And then there is the risk of overestimating the scale of the mining project we can manage - it’s still only our side project, we do not want to create the largest mining farm in the world.”

Additionally, Cryptum announces that a set of small social bounties that would be released in the Bitcointalk thread of the project (link below) and our website. These would not be the typical set of bounties, instead they would ask from participants to make small researches, following clues regarding the required information in Twitter, or spread news about Cryptum in a manner that contributes to the project. Of course, people would still be able to also participate in a regular Twitter-related bounty.
Cryptum ANN thread in Bitcointalk:

A reserve of 1500 CRTM would be reserved and distributed proportionally among all investors from tier 4 and above (100+ CRTM) post sale if the project shoots past 500 000 tokens sold. More on tiers can be found on Cryptum website:


About Cryptum

The Cryptum project is first ever ICO aimed at creating a high-end board game development and publishing studio. Cryptum tokens work both ways – while they are helping the companies behind the project to develop their long-term business, token owners gain some unique perks, like free access to all Cryptum games, initial amounts from the upcoming Cryptumcoin and even shared profits.

For more information how to participate in Cryptum ICO, visit: If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Nikolai Tsekov at [email protected]


PDF Press Release - Cryptum ICO announces strategical CRTM token changes

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