Cryptum ICO is now Live - with bonuses!

Cryptum ICO is now Live - with bonuses!

The Cryptum token sale is now live, and you may want to rush your decision a bit in on order to get the 16% bonus we are paying in the first 24 hours. Of course, if you miss the opportunity, there will be another 4 days with 8% bonus, and then final 2 days with 4% bonus, but we wouldn’t advise you to wait that long.

If you want to keep at least some bonus CRTM after the first week of sale - try to get some BTC and pay with them instead - the BTC sale has a permanent bonus (of course that makes it less attractive in the first few days), but the number of tokens we are selling for BTC is limited - only 250 000 in Stage I sale.

If you are interested in Cryptum, but still undecided - take a look around our Blog section, there are quite a few informative posts there. Cryptum is a strange project and it is going to fund something that seems completely unrelated to the world of cryptocurrencies, yet we are backing it up with mining farm, and sharing the profits from all projects. And we are working on a market that is quite profitable to begin with.

Finally - head to the Status page and see if others beat you to it, we are sure that real transfers from other people would be much more convincing than our own words.


Cryptum ICO

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