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Cryptum ICO announces strategical CRTM token changes

Cryptum is announcing a change in the total number of tokens, investor bonuses and a limited set of bounties

Sofia, August 30, 2017 – After careful consideration, the team behind Cryptum ICO decided to change the Stage I Cryptum sale from Unlimited to pregenerated maximum number of tokens, limiting the total number of available tokens to 1.102 million, with 500 CRTM reserved for small social bounties,  1500 CRTM for long term investors bonuses and and 100 000 CRTM reserved for the Stage II (Altcoins) sale that will take place between October 17 and November 17 2017.

This transition would limit the number of tokens during the initial sale to exactly 1,000,000, with 100% of them available to investors at a price of 0.02 ETH per token or 0.0135 BTC for 10 tokens. All unsold tokens from Stage I will be available together with the 100 000 reserved tokens during the Stage II sale between 17 October and 10 November at a higher price, and any remaining tokens at the end of this period will be destroyed.

The change was proposed by potential investors and is based on the needs of the projects. It aims at limiting the possibility of market manipulation and strengthening the future price of Cryptum tokens, but more importantly – it serves the profit strategy of the Cryptum project.

News! Token tiers lowered!

From Nikolai Tsekov, Project Manager

Yesterday a reddit user brought up a few questions that I feel I need to address personally. Looking at the board games project from the distance of a person that doesn’t invest in ICOs – for example when you only want just the board game(s) and you don’t care about much else, it wouldn’t seem like the wise investment we are claiming it to be. And I understand that – keeping 30 tokens at the now steep price of 0.02 ETH each means you will be currently investing about $188 (at the time of writing this article) in a single game.

And he was right, the Ethereum price is higher now than when we started developing the project. So we will change the requirements for each Tier (tiers are not obligatory!), simple as that!

Well, it is not so simple. We will still lower the required amounts, but we have to explain them.