Cryptum ICO secures the future of the crypto mining board game “Blockchain”

Cryptum ICO secures the future of the crypto mining board game “Blockchain”

Let’s face it - our ICO was not among the top September picks, and it’s about funding something that probably nobody ever thought of funding with ICO - a board games studio. So things were going slow, and we were starting to worry that our initial plans would have to be changed and we will have to invest further into publishing those games. But then a group of investors approached and asked if we can reach an agreement so at least the crypto mining game would be secured and published on time (see here: Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game), which would power up the whole chain of games - with Primewarp already past half done, and with the news about Godforge already being developed (stay tuned for it and follow our News feed, it is a long post and we want to tell you the whole story), we are already ahead of schedule for two of the games and we would concentrate on the Blockchain game the moment our ICO is over.

Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game will be on Kickstarter in May 2018

Yup, we agreed, and now we are proud to tell you that with over $100 000 funding we will start with the Blockchain game asap and work our way to publishing the other games even with a limited funding. That leaves a lot more room in terms of profitability, as no matter the funding size, the games revenues are somehow independent and will probably stay near the expected values from our Whitepaper. In short: less funding means more profit for the limited number of token owners, but slower development. At any rate, we are about to make our dreams of publishing big titles regardless of their crowdfunding, and happy to see people believed in the team and invested in games publishing.

Of course, there is plenty of time for you to come on board - with the Cryptum ICO recommended tiers of 25, 65 or 100 CRTM it’s a great deal and there is plenty to gain from it. And then there is Stage II sale on the way, but we will start with the work on the games even before we come to the second sale. We have some nice ideas to show, and this week we secured a deal with a great artist for the Godforge game. We are still trying to contact the exchanges regarding their inclusion in the base Blockchain game - it turned out to be nearly impossible with their slow support and screening from people that don’t even read your email (to the point we were considering adding “slow support” in the game!)

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