The Cryptum Cryptocoin Project

The Cryptum Cryptocoin Project

We are preparing to launch our own mineable cryptocurrency with its own agenda. Every token owner would be able to claim the same amount of coins (based on their wallet content at the date we announce), and will be marketed as part of the Cryptum Network Projects as a high-value coin. We will develop all necessary user-friendly tools and use additional financing to make it as widely accepted as possible. We will also distribute claim-based aidrops based on low premine (up to half of the amount of Cryptum Tokens issued) to the top holders based on the amount held in their wallets. At a later stage the coin will be used to purchase products from the board game line range.

Main goals of the Cryptum cryptocoin:

  • ASIC-proof
  • GPU-only mineable
  • Value-bind
  • Secure
  • User friendly software (wallets and miners)
  • Anti-instamineable via small initial blocks
  • Highly-prospective, based on number of coins mined and halving of amount mined
  • Free coins for token holders
  • Airdrops to top holders
  • Accessible on a wide range of exchanges
  • Accepted as payment for our board game project

The project would receive financing from the initial sale, as well as partial financing from the mining project in order to ensure the Cryptum Coin is traded at many exchanges and marketed through advertisement.

  • Team: Internal development
  • Partners: Crypto Mining Blog
  • Financing: 5% of the initial token sales. 10% to 15% from the mining prospect for up to 2 years of its operation
  • Development timeline: 2 to 5 months development (target early Q4 2017)
  • Updates: Regular updates and information in the Cryptum Coin category.
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ChrisPosted on7:32 am - Sep 7, 2017

May I know hot to buy the tokens?

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