Blockchain Board Games Expansions

Blockchain Board Games Expansions

We already mentioned we planned for at least four expansions for the game “Blockchain” we will publish after receiving funding from this project. Three of them: Exchanges, Mining Farms and Forks represent some very distinctive aspects of the cryptocurrency world, and they are self-explanatory. Of course, they will add a lot more than the obvious, starting with new coins, ICOs, updated prices and difficulties for some of the base game currencies, and more.

The fourth one - Project 2020, is much different from the rest of the bunch, and it will completely change the game world to a dystopian future where the world already accepted cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies, and paper money are obsolete. Such a dramatic change of the game will come at the end of the expansion chain, so it is possible this project to be pushed further down the queue if we decide to release more than the planned 3 prior expansions - after all, we have to consider the possibility the game would become insanely famous. No wonder, considering how good it would be.

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