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The “I can help you promoting your ICO” madness

Hey There!
My name’s Someone, I run one of the biggest channels on YouTube (over 2M subscribers) Let’s-call-it-best-ICOs, and I have a cryptocurrency channel.…

As you know already, nothing is better than word of mouth, when it comes to advertising a brand. I can talk to my supporters about your ICO, and it’ll surely help out, as it has for several other companies I’ve worked with. In regards to payment, I don’t work on fixed pricing. But to give you a reference point, the last company I worked with gave me 5 BTC. If you’re interested, make me an offer, and I’ll see if it works.


Reference of video quality you can expect:…

We got this email (three times to be precise). If it was the first of the type in our box, we would ignore it. But it was just a one of many. Actually we laughed at the amount of BTC it suggests, considering way too much of the channel videos had too low number of views (like you can shoot a random rant about your bulb being too bright and you will get more). 5 BTC? $20 000 so some self-named authority can promote us to people that believe he has any authority to promote us? But if he only does promotional videos, how can anyone expect any objectivity? That’s our min target to make a game! Not even considering how much is this in targeted Facebook ads.

ShapeShift will appear in the Blockchain crypto mining board game

If you followed the information about our crypto mining board game - one of the games we are funding with the Cyptum ICO, you probably know that we will be releasing an expansion called “Exchanges” that would offer expanded gameplay and more exchange mechanics. But we also wanted the game to be educational and somehow closer to the real world, and this also means to include some of the real exchanges in the base game, even adding some optional rules on the way, if necessary.

Of course, we had to ask them - which is essentially done by filling in a support ticket on most of the big ones. ShapeShift support was instantly on the line and since they are not the typical trading website, we quickly decided to include them as a base exchange service for the supported currencies that are already included in the game. Basically this means any currency that stays in the game (remember, you can vote in the Bitcointalk thread) that is also supported in real life by ShapeShift, will be safe from the dump practice we mentioned in the game description.

This would change an essential part of the gameplay, yet it will make it closer to how we wanted to represent the “safe” currencies - ones that settled down and are no longer subject to easy pumps and dumps.

So, welcome to ShapeShift, the first real wold exchange in Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game!


The Blockchain board game will include metal BTC and ETH

If you have followed the information about our new cryptomining board game, you’d know the two main currencies the players are collecting are Bitcoin and Ethereum. We decided that we may add real metal coins to the game instead of the typical paper tokens. One quick order to Francesco Orrù and few hours later we already have the models:

Beautiful, aren’t they? But we had to test the models, so today we tried simple 3D printing to see how the detail will show. It was fairly low res, so for the most part the detail wasn’t there, but we are still very happy with the result. With some modifications, the game will feature some nice shiny Bitcoins and Ethereums. Well, you can’t really spend them, but… they are gorgeous!

Why board games? What kind of market is that?

Starting an ICO about board games (well, not only, but people read only so far) was bound to raise the question why are we seeking funding in the crypto world, instead of using the market we already have. And we believe that deserves an answer, and a honest one:

Because it’s a competitive market dominated by big corporations and high expectations, yet it has some sweet spots available to anyone, and with a decent funding we can get there. It’s a lucrative business with very high margins if you optimize well.

Developing the crypto mining board game - make sure your favorite coin is included!

Someone at Bitcointalk asked us how far we are with the Blockchain: The Cryptcurrency Board Game development. It’s a great question, as somehow we haven’t thought of sharing more info, and there is a matter that would require public opinion anyway, so we decided to give you a status about the game.

More information about the game

First of all, you should definitely read the all the available information about the Blockchain board game on our website, but here is a less formal summary of the info:

This is informal summary with some expanded information:
Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game allows up to five players to compete by building mining rigs or investing in ASICs or even a limited number of ICOs, buying and upgrading high-end mining hardware with the goal of owning most Bitcoins and Ethereum at the end of the game. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a “floating” cost and it is set throughout the game as an optional rule, which adds another strategy layer (exchanging for BTC or ETH will raise their prices).

Blockchain simulates both the competition and cooperation between miners by using solo and pooled mining (each new coin starts at low difficulty, but adding more miners raises it, opening pool slots and lowering the solo mining profitability), difficulty changes (as explained) and market development (heavily investing in a coin may rise its price), while player interaction is achieved by event manipulation (the algorithm deck has double-sided cards with events on the back) and a limited set of exchange practices (holding or dumping, more will be added in the Exchanges expansion). There are limited set of ICO offerings add some risk-taking elements for the endgame.

Blockchain is using well known engine-building and worker placement mechanics, and the game features 85 mineable coins and 15 of the top assets, as well as 25 mining algorithms and a large number of upgrades, hardware, software and events.

The mechanics are pretty self explanatory for most gamers, but here are few more pieces of info - you start by building a rig (actually 4 slots for each player, all comes through cards from drafting and the market), mine on it by assigning hardware (workers), sell, dump or hodl at the end of a round. The little trick we used with the workers is that you actually assign a whole rig worth of them at once for each action point (4). Coins are populated with each new algo, and events are on the same cards, so whenever a new coin is out, conditional events trigger.

During the Kickcstarter campaign we will unlock new coins (you can help us with that, see the Voting paragraph further below, and we will have a stretch goal to unlock metal Bitcoin and Ethereum coins for the game (note that they are just game coins, and are not backed by real BTC or ETH).


It’s all personal - and that matters

From: Nikolai Tsekov

I keep feeling that trying to sound official when it comes to our business instead of switching to more informal language is becoming more or less a barrier to understanding our ICO. I mean… it’s a personal thing for us. And anyone that pays his precious ETH or BTC is clearly becoming personally involved in our project. Well let’s make it personal.


Does marketing budget prove a project is legit?

First of all - our project is not like other ICOs (as if you haven’t heard that before, but please bear with me) It’s done for profit, but profit is not the sole purpose - as we want to create a thriving business, and since people are paying for the whole lot of projects, we do feel that they deserve their fair share (despite what regulation would say on the matter, there will always be countries where it’s legal).

It is not about incorporating a new company (preferably offshore), then escrowing the funds as if that actually guarantees anything, then spending a substantial amount of bitcoins for marketing because someone that doesn’t even use his name told us that this proves we are not running a false campaign. That’s the proof? My personal authority, my company and the company of my teammates, all with 15+ years of history and all of us standing with our names and reputation behind the project are not guarantee we are running a legit ICO, but a payment to anonymous profile in Youtube and/or Twitter that would promote whatever he’s paid to do, or to someone that has built a name by being paid to promote stuff, proves we are dedicated non-scammers? How so? How is that even building anyone’s authority?

Let me tell you what would we do if we were going to rob people. We will prepare a good amount of money, then use all those greedy persons that are ready to promote anything if they are paid well to promote the tokens, then sell a lot of the said tokens, and then forget about all those good people that paid with their own funds. We could even get someone famous that could play sorry for being misled later to say a good word for us, or even add them to the team. We can then make it look like we sold $20 million worth of the thing at a pre-sale, after all - most of the time this data is not backed up with transparent funds movement. And voilà - we have a huge ICO hat has “only” left $10 million in tokens for the sorry late non-investors, a.k.a you. Now that’s a good false campaign. Throw some “revolutionizing” in the name and you are all set. Well, may be include some news about being targeted by hackers! There is bound to be free articles about it, or you at least get a reason to put another press release in circulation!

We could do it. Lately most ICOs are just about that.

Cryptum ICO is now Live - with bonuses!

The Cryptum token sale is now live, and you may want to rush your decision a bit in on order to get the 16% bonus we are paying in the first 24 hours. Of course, if you miss the opportunity, there will be another 4 days with 8% bonus, and then final 2 days with 4% bonus, but we wouldn’t advise you to wait that long.

If you want to keep at least some bonus CRTM after the first week of sale - try to get some BTC and pay with them instead - the BTC sale has a permanent bonus (of course that makes it less attractive in the first few days), but the number of tokens we are selling for BTC is limited - only 250 000 in Stage I sale.

If you are interested in Cryptum, but still undecided - take a look around our Blog section, there are quite a few informative posts there. Cryptum is a strange project and it is going to fund something that seems completely unrelated to the world of cryptocurrencies, yet we are backing it up with mining farm, and sharing the profits from all projects. And we are working on a market that is quite profitable to begin with.

Finally - head to the Status page and see if others beat you to it, we are sure that real transfers from other people would be much more convincing than our own words.


Imperia Online pledges support for the Cryptum ICO Project

Imperia Online will support the Cryptum project with in-house software developers and artists

Sofia, September 14, 2017 – Cryptum ICO (launching September 16) announces that the project just gained great recognition by the game development company Imperia Online, which pledged their support for the Cryptum network of projects.

The company will offer software development support and their in-house artists to help the projects under the Cryptum brand. Imperia Online is one of the leading game developers in Bulgaria, with over 160 employees offering services for over 35 million users, and the company is bearer of many awards and nominations, including awards for fastest growing companies in Central Europe, nominations and awards from Forbes and European Business Awards.

“We have a lot to learn from this project and by supporting it we get an opportunity to explore some new horizons, like the blockchain technology and its interaction with the world of physical products and online services,” – said Moni Dochev, CEO of Imperia Online and one of the company founders.  “We’ve been partnering with the project developers from and BoardGames.BG for quite some time, and they are trustworthy beyond reproach.”

Cryptum Mining project information

From: Grigor Stoichkov, Nikolai Tsekov

So far we haven’t shared much about the Cryptum mining project. Sure, you got hints through our bounty campaign (and we got no answer that is close to the mark), but we have to tell the future CRTM token owners how do we plan to develop this part of Cryptum. The Mining project will be developed only if we sell 150 000 or more CRTM (outside bonuses, mind you, so any sale bonuses are discarded from the total), which is fairly low number - we already got interest of investors well above that.

Our sale is limited to 1.1 million of CRTM, incl. bonuses, and the mining project funding is 30% of the total, so the maximum is somewhere around $1.8 million, and this is a number that mostly refers to our capability of managing the project. If we were asking for $100 million instead, the main funding goal - our board games project, would receive way more funds than it needs, and it won’t scale much above the previous expectations, while the mining project would become more than we could handle, or it would have to be reshaped into purely ASIC mining farm that would be easier to manage.

So we are looking in investment somewhere between $250 000 and $1 800 000. Quite a difference for planning, right?

Cryptum ICO Bonuses: Sale & Post-sale

The Cryptum ICO sale is starting in just few days, so its time to announce the sale bonuses. We have split them in two major categories - Sale and Post-sale bonuses, and a number of subcategories, which are very easy to understand:


Sale bonuses in the smart contract for ETH payments (max 750 000 CRTM):

Note that CRTM are sent immediately to anyone buying with ETH, but the tokens are locked until the end of Stage I sale on October 16.

  • 16% bonus CRTM will be sent to anyone that buys Cryptum tokens with ETH during the first 24 hours of the sale. This means anyone buying between 00:00 UTC and 24:00 UTC on September 16 with ETH through our smart contract. The bonus is hardcoded in the contract.
  • 8% bonus CRTM will be sent to to anyone that buys Cryptum tokens with ETH during the next 4 days (17 to 20 September) with ETH through our smart contract. The bonus is hardcoded in the contract.
  • 4% bonus CRTM will be sent to to anyone that buys Cryptum tokens with ETH during the next 2 days (21 and 22 September) with ETH through our smart contract. The bonus is hardcoded in the contract.
  • Flat price of 0.02 ETH/CRTM for the rest of the sale duration.

Cryptum Shared Profits Explained (Updated)

By Nikolai Tsekov, Anton Belev, Grigor Stoichkov

We mentioned “shared profit” such a number of times that it’s starting to hurt your eyes, yet the numbers are a bit elusive, aren’t they? 20% here, 40% there, 50% elsewhere, but what about some real projections?

To be honest, it is a bit hard to predict it. But let’s try anyway. First of all you should read how it works? here.


What we didn’t want to create

Many ICO’s rely on the hype about their activity to create higher demand, which usually causes the price to climb. And then, when you decide it’s the right time, you just dump the tokens. It may be a week, or few months, or even year from the start, but that’s about it. Others, like Giga Watt, issue tokens with very specific price - like 1 WTT is 1 watt, and it started from 1 USD. Considering how they are used, it means that the tokens already have a set price, and the aftermarket (or in this case - the after-sales) can boost it additionally.

Cryptum ICO bounties campaign

Time to make it worth for some of the more active members of the ICO community! In the following days we are releasing some small bounties. Some are not really the typical ones, some require a simple follow on Twitter. You will find them all in our Twitter and Facebook pages, so follow them. Two of the bounties would require from you to gather some points and rank on one of the top 3 spots in order to receive 30, 25 and 20 CRTM respectively (25 CRTM = 0.5 ETH at regular sale price). We also have additional bounties for both categories.