Monthly Archive July 2017

Cryptum announces Cryptum ICO

Cryptum tokens are offering free games, share of profits and initial amount of upcoming cryptocurrency at once

Sofia, July 30, 2017 – Cryptum ICO (launching September 16) announces it is funding a network of projects under central management, with the main goal of funding high-end board games development and publishing.

Cryptum [CRTM] token sale will be funding directly three main projects: a board games studio designing and publishing new games, a mining project for adding diversity and consistency to the income sources, and the development of a new mineable cryptocurrency the team hopes to use for payments in future services - Cryptumcoin. There are also some smaller projects Cryptum will be announcing at the time they are ready for the public.

Token owners will be able to gain free access to the board games Cryptum will be publishing by simply owning a required number of tokens and using a claim process based on tiers, and will also receive optional features like the so called “shared profits” – as parts from all projects revenues will be shared between token owners based on a claim process. All Cryptum token owners are also entitled to receive some initial amounts from the Cryptumcoin when it is launched.