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Cryptum ICO Stage II Sale – Project Update

Cryptum ICO Stage II starts on October 17: Cryptum ICO Stage II sale is your last chance to take part in our multi-project ICO (check our this article and our Whitepaper for more information) with the following features: Cryptum Board Games: the Cryptum ICO main goal is funding a board games publishing studio. We will […]

The Armada Collective DDoS Threats – don’t bother

We got another of those mindless letters explaining we will get DDoSed if we don’t pay some BTC to a group calling themselves “The Armada Collective”. Here is it: FORWARD THIS MAIL TO WHOEVER IS IMPORTANT IN YOUR COMPANY AND CAN MAKE DECISION! We are Armada Collective. In past, we launched one of the largest […]

Cryptum ICO – games news, plan changes, Cryptumcoin

We just passed $110000 raised in ETH and BTC, and that cracks open a new possibility – to work on few games at once. We are in for another change of plan, and here it is.   Blockchain crypto mining game As we are still unable to establish a contact with most of the big […]

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